DOT Physical Preparation

Heart Conditions:

Common types of heart or chest pain conditions and/or surgical corrections may require special ETT (Exercise Tolerance Testing). See the link below to find out what you may need before  your next DOT Physical examination.

What is the effect on driver certification based on FMCSA hypertension stages? High Blood Pressure.

A driver with a diagnosis of hypertension on treatment should have at least an annual certification.
A CMV driver with a Blood pressure (BP) 140/90 may be certified for 2 years.
First time BP elevated:
Stage 1 - BP 140-159/90-99 Certification Period 1 year
Stage 2 - BP 160-179/100-109 Certification Period 3 months as one time certification. Within the 3 months, if the blood pressure is below 140/90, the driver may receive 1 year certification.
Stage 3 - BP Reading >180/110 Disqualified. When the blood pressure is less than 140/90, the driver can be certified at 6 month intervals.

Diabetes / Blood sugar control problems:


Here are some links to helping with blood sugar complications and diabetes type ll.


Macular Degeneration and Macular Edema:

Sleep Apnea:

The Seriously Bad condition of Apnea while trying to sleep. Why is it such an issue?


Here is a link to FMCSA Guides to Sleep Apnea. You may be affected and there is great help available. Be prepared if you are required to have a sleep study before having full medical certification. Find a sleep study clinic near your home so you can easily return for help or more information. Sleep apnea apps are good for recording usage.

Impaired Limbs or Missing Limbs:


Drivers with physical impairments which affect their ability to safely operate CMVs according to their medical examiners, or with missing limbs (e.g., a hand or finger, an arm, foot or leg), are required to obtain SPE certificates.


Here is a link to the pertinent information on this topic.

Prepare to pass your physical and call if you have questions. I can give you direction if you have any trouble so you can have an easier time staying certified.

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