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HEAT VS ICE: Check with your doctor before performing any home therapy protocol. Heat is best for stiff, slow, tight ligaments and muscles or arthritic stiffness and achiness that does not involve inflammation and/or severe pain. Some still promote heat for injuries but I do not. It is my understanding that heat can temporarily soothe aches but promotes more inflammation shortly after. Moist heat on stiff joints for movement is good.

Ice is best for inflammed and painful injuries and joints. It increases the circulation which helps to remove inflammation and waste products from the healing process. Ice also numbs painfull nerve endings to relax the area from reactionary spasming. Always ask before you choose so you can make the right choice. Come in for a free evaluation and get out of pain.

When using ice packs remove clothing articles from the area and place two to three paper towels between your skin and the ice pack. Always use gel filled ice packs with soft, flexible plastic coating. We sell the best ones I know of. Cryotherapy works when done correctly. Get the right information first or serious burns or further injury can occur. 20 minutes ice per hour.

Tip 3

PRINTABLE STRETCHING TECHNIQUES: Check with your doctor before performing any home therapy protocol. It is recommended that you do not stretch "hard" because you could damage strained or chronically damaged ligaments, tendons or muscle tissues. Stretching should be done gently, slowly (no bouncing) and at a time of the day where you are not stiff. For instance, wake up and get yourself moving a bit, stretch in the shower, jacuzzi, afternoon, before exercise (lightly), at the end of your day, on breaks at work.

Be careful that you do not force your self to go beyone your limitations because you may tear old scar tissue and/or adhesions to the point of creating instability of a healed old injury. This could throw you into a re-injured condition. Please use caution and Call Now for Care.


LOWER BACK AND SCIATICA: Check with your doctor before performing any home therapy protocol. McKenzie Protocol for low back pain with leg pain. Lye on stomach and put hands nest to chest. Perform three sets of 10 push-ups leaving your hips and pelvis on the bed or floor. Raise your upper body slowly stretching the front (abdominal muscles) and lifting your head so you don't compress your spine. Hold the lifted position in the pain-free zone for 5 to 10 seconds, then, lower slowly.

Note: if pain is expanding or going down the leg without retreating or relieving do not perform this maneuver. Pain may indicate a lesion that could be pinching a nerve. Get checked by a doctor before performing this movement for safety.

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