DOT Physicals

How to Pass a DOT Physical




I have all the paperwork for you!


Tips to pass DOT physical:

Avoid caffeinated drinks for a few days to keep blood pressure and blood vessels more stable.

Sleep enough nightly or daily to be well rested and keep stress down.

Eat salads with vinegar and oil and keep salt, gravy, dressings and junk food out of your diet.

Take walks one or two times per day to get circulation going and help detoxify your body.

Drink lots of bottled spring water and minimize juice (unless necessary for hypoglycemia or diabetes).

You can eat meat, fish, chicken as well, however try to keep portions small to keep your system less full.

Colon Cleanse for two weeks is good to help evacuate your system and reduce pressure on your

heart and lungs.

Try to schedule your physical so that you are not in a rush and walk slowly to the office.


Hopefully you will have success with your physical exam so you can relax on your home time and 

keep your wheels turning when you want.

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